There was once a mother...
whose child tragically died
only a few months after her birth.
The woman was so distraught at what had taken place that she carefully bound the infant’s body to her own with cloth
and went in search of someone who would be able to resuscitate her.
She travelled far and wide to see healers,
she sought out shamans,
and met with magicians of every kind
But no-one could offer any help.
In her travels she heard a rumour about a holy man who lived high up in the mountains
who possessed the power to work great miracles.
So she went in search of this great saint, eventually locating his small dwelling in an isolated patch of land high about the town.
Upon meeting the man she relayed her story while he listened intently.
After she finished he thought for a while and then spoke with compassion, saying...
“I can help you, but only if you gather up a handful of mustard seeds from the home of someone who has not suffered the pain of loss.”
The woman immediately went on the quest
in search of a single home that had not been overshadowed by the pain of separation.
However she could not find a single place.
Nevertheless, as she travelled from house to house
and heard the stories of other people suffering
she slowly began to come to terms with her own.
Eventually she was able to take her beloved child
and bury her in the soil of the world.